Sunday, March 30, 2008

Care packages

A soap with a hole in the middle and a note made by an Australian Army wife, its so unique and funny, if u cant clearly read the note here it is:
Willy washer
A daily willy washer, that surely is a treat, Its not to wash your hands or face, its not to wash your feet, It's only for your willy, Poke it in and give a scrub,
Make sure you only wash it though,be careful as you rub. Its only meant to clean it, not to give you a good time, Its just so that each and every day, you Willy's looking fine!

We as a military wife are very familiar with care packages especially when our soldiers are deployed overseas. In the states they even have themed care packages and they also have flat rate boxes, you can also request free boxes from USPS. In the Philippines it is called a Balikbayan box. I only send if he request something like lotion, food, socks, blanket, white shirts, boxers and candies. The cost of sending those boxes are more expensive than its content, but Its nothing compare to the smile on his face when he receives the package, he gets really surprised and excited as if he didn't know that I'm sending him some stuff.
I also talked to several military wives about care packages and they are very creative about the thing's they send to their beloved soldiers.

Recycled box

This was the box i sent last Christmas

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