Thursday, June 19, 2008

Energy saving Vacuums

Everybody is finding ways to save and conserve energy especially at home when we spent so much effort in cleaning our homes. I want to have a clean and safer environment for my son so he can play with his toys at home while saving at the same time, I am at ease knowing that my house is free from dust and germs.
I use brooms and dust pan to clean our house, I sweep our floor from the farther corner going to the door that sometimes i keep doing it over and over again because no matter how many times i sweep our floor there is always some dust or something that will be left in our floor.
well good news to all housewife's out there I'm introducing the revolutionary vacuum products from Dirt Devil its called AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac that saves you up to 70% energy thus making AccuCharge the first cordless cleaning technology to earn Energy Star . It is very handy especially in cleaning under our couch and bed, so if your looking for a vacuum cleaners to save on your powers bills then Dirt Devil® AccuCharge™ can help you in reducing the cost of your energy consumption. Using Dirt Devil AccuCharge is the best way to save energy, It will be helpful to us in this frugal times.


Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

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