Friday, June 6, 2008

Rudy Fernandez died

At 6:15 Saturday morning Actor Rudy Fernandez died at his home due to Peri-ampillary cancer, he was 55 years old, Rudy’s final wish was to be laid to rest at the Heritage Park along C-5 in Taguig City.
I feel so sad hearing the news this morning, i grow up watching his movies. He was such a good action star, last time i heard from the news before his death is that the Doctor advised his family to take Ruby at home because they said that there is nothing they cant do about his condition so her wife decided to take him home, his wife Lorna Tolentino is a strong woman she has been with him all through out his battle against cancer, he never left his side, she was still waiting for a miracle to happen.
He is a great loss to the showbiz industry.
My condolences to his families and may he rest in Peace.

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Tom's Library said...

He was a very good actor. May he rest in peace.