Monday, June 30, 2008

Pimp your Gnome contest

If you are into online games this is your chance to join and who knows you might win for "Pimp your gnome" contest. Use your imagination and bling your own gnome. As the celebration of the release of Dungeon Runners game they are holding a "Pimp your Gnome" contest where people can create a little gnome for the chance of being famous and get a copy of the game PLUS a $350 Best Buy Gift Card. In Bling Gnome everybody can join as ong as you are interested in that game and you want to win.

First thing to do in joining the contest is to Buy your own gnome, then you can dress it up according to your taste or bling him out with a pimp hat, jewels, etc. or Dress yourself as a bling gnome. Be creative and make sure that the people will admire your gnome or yourself because extra points will be added if they like your style in a public place like a mall . You must take a picture of your daddy gnome from at least two sides, select the best picture that you think will make it to the contest.
After you post your bling gnome pictures log in to and download the free game. Make a blog describing a Bling gnome and a free game write at least 200 words. Include links to so others can learn about, download the free game, or purchase a subscription for themselves.

Sponsored by Dungeon Runners

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