Thursday, June 19, 2008

SocialSpark is Live

Have you signed up for SocialSpark? if you don't have an account yet go ahead create your own profile like a did last month, let me tell you more about Socialspark base on my own experience, being new to blogging with no page rank or whatsoever I was able to take oppurtunity right after I signed up in Socialspark, you can met new friends there thus increasing your traffic and you can also exchange props. After you signed up you can easily browse oppurtunity and you will know that you are qualified to take that opps because you can see two green boxes which means that it is open and you are qualified to take that opps, then you have to wait for a slot and they will send you an email saying that you have reserved for a certain opps and they will give you 12 hours to do it. Its really easy and fun in SocialSpark I'm enjoying while earning money through blogging, take a look at my own PROFILE in SocialSpark I want to share it to everybody, so far I have taken 5 opps since I joined last month i have 18 props and 50 friends there. What I like about it is I can easily navigate the site, its easy to look for new opportunities but I hate waiting for the slots, it will be better if they will just let us know if all of the posts are taken as early as possible.
What are you waiting for if you want to earn money by blogging then all you have to do is join SocialSpark right away.

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