Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day

I would like to greet my Papa and my husband a Happy father's day, they are the men in my life my Papa is a retired Philippine Army and hubby is a US Army.. oh yeah i love men in uniform!
My father worked hard he did provide for our needs, he was able to send me and my sister to school until I Graduated from college and so as my sister who is a 4th year BSN now. I'm much more closer to my papa, I open up to him and he gives me advices specially on boys when i was a teenager he spoiled me when i was a kid and I always ask my baon to him because mama wont give me money.. lol.. I can say that im Papa's girl... :)
After he retired in the army he became a pastor now and is assigned in Pampanga, even if we don't see each other a lot we exchange text often, i miss you pa and hope to see you soon.
To my dear husband I know your having a hard time in Iraq, hang in there we will be waiting here for you me and Jaden loves you so much!!!

HAPPY Father's day to all the dad in the whole wide world!!!

ugghhh!!! i cant find my papa's pic in his uniform


lira said...

happy father's day sa ilaha.

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