Friday, August 15, 2008


Ive been busy this past few days because we have some family friends staying at home for several days, since my sister is in Talakag to do her 48 hours Hospital duty my mum decided to sleep in my house with that family friend. They were sleeping at our sala near the door, at 4 am my mum wake up coz she needs to pee, then she heard that some one is trying to open the gate slowly so it made that squeaking sound, she was curious and waited what will happen and thought that it was just my neighbor, then she heard footsteps towards our door, my mum saw a guy wearing a hooded jacket and wearing a camouflage short and was holding our doorknob from outside trying to open our door, then my mum shouted UNSAY TUYO NIMO DONG? ( what do u want)..
the guy suddenly run as fast as he could and disappeared in the darkness.
OH My goodness when mama told me about this when i wake up I got so scared, sometimes it is only me and Jaden staying here and there are times that I forgot to look the door, its really terrifying knowing that there are some bad people that lives around this place. I already knew that there are kawatan(thief) here because some of our neighbor's rooster got stolen last year and my Jansport backpack is lost when I left it outside after I washed it in the morning.
But this one is different, imagine he wants to get inside my house, ang lakas ng loob ng walang hiya.. I always thought that ang mga akyat bahay uses the backdoor or window para pumasok sa bahay, hmm thing's have change na pala..
I told my mama sana she turned on the lights outside so she could recognize the guy's face who tried to break in, but she said she got scared also..
My mama is really an ANGEL to us.. Thank GOD we're safe.


T☺nI said...

that's terrifying..i agree.. we've also experience the same situation... anyway just always beware of those bad guys and don't forget to locked the door sis... ☺

Pinay WAHM said...

Kakatakot nga! These crooks are everywhere. Not sure if you read one of my entries a few months ago. I caught someone trying to break in our car. They thought nobody was awake. Guess what I did?? Turned on the lights di natakot.

Naku make sure you lock everything now.


Michelle said...

OMG! That's scary! We'll just hope that they'll be in prison really soon.

filipina in hawaii said...

dah tagam ang kawatan. be extra careful rubs, especially uso ang kawat ron kay mahal panaliton. maayo nalang naa imo mama no.