Sunday, August 24, 2008

the countdown is killing me

OMG a few days to go and I will see my husband again, the anticipation is so stressful and mind blowing. In the past few day's I have been cleaning our house and rearranging the furniture.. LOL I'm quite excited.. next Sunday me and my son will be flying to manila.
I'm still worried about my son's CRBA and US passport because the embassy didn't call us yet for our appearance, I dunno why they have so many holiday this month... arggg
I also met someone from our city whos waiting for a call from the embassy we are praying that we will have the same interview date, I wont expect a call tomorrow because its a freaking holiday again on monday...

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Pinay WAHM said...

And the countdown begins na pala....hahaha.

Relax...breathe....count 1 to 1000....hahaha.

I'm sure you're super uber excited....I'm actually excited for you! Ha!

Take Care and take it easy....