Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Bingo DVD game for your children

I was growing up in a Military family my father is a retired Phil. Army, his battalion before was always assigned to the remote areas in Mindanao, where ever my dad is we also go with him even if it's in a far place with no electricity and the only recreation I remember before was playing Bingo, it was fun all the military spouses were gathering every afternoon just to play Bingo, as a kid I also join them and learned how to play that game just by observing other players, It was such a great experiences back then.

Now that I'm a mother to my very active son I make sure that I can create a bonding moment with him so when he grow up he can recall how happy we are during those times. A great way to have fun with my son is to watch an educational DVD Disney Bingo from Screenlife games. Jaden can discover a lot of thing's and learn about numbers, colors, and matching skills with their favorite Disney character. When I was a kid my favorite Disney character is Mickey mouse and I watch Disney channel as much as I can.
So what are you waiting for mommies out there get a copy now of Disney DVD Bingo and have an exciting moment with your children. You can purchase this product at and get a copy a Disney Bingo game now.

Sponsored by Screenlife Games

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