Tuesday, August 19, 2008


you all know by now whats happening to our fellow Filipino in Lanao del norte area, I'm in full support of the all out war against MILF, they should be punished and held responsible for the blood shed, chaos and barbaric act that they have done 2 days ago, the government should not tolerate this...

My father is a retired Phil. Army and was assigned in Lanao last 2001, he was a driver of the CO they got ambushed by that MILF rebels and a shrapnel hit his arm, thank God it wasn't that serious (tapsing ra) coz he jumped out of the vehicle right on time and defended his life against the enemy. I would never forget that day, I couldn't imagine how the people of Lanao are suffering right now, my heart goes out to the innocent children and civilians who cant defend themselves. I really hope that the Govt. will act now and CRUSHED those MILF rebels!!!!

Cagayan de oro is a 3-4 hours away from Lanao, and we are going to celebrate our city fiesta 2 weeks from now, I think its better if I will just stay at home because they might take advantage of our occasion.

If you havent heard the news about the attack of MILF in Lanao, pls click HERE.

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