Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm so mad at my husband right now because he is so stupid he cant even mail me the forms correctly, I don't know what to do in order for him to understand that I needed those paper for our son's passport but he is so stubborn and very IMMATURE!!!
Instead of sulking here at home I'm gonna go shopping and pamper my self, yup that's right JASON I'm going to spend your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't care if you ever come here I'm not talking to you................


Madz said...

Hi Ruby, it made me smile really... uumm what can I say, ingna ra gd n sya nga basaha ug tarong ang requirements..!! hehehe

Anyway dear, thanks for writing your opinion re: my faulty sister! She shouldn't be left alone in the first place anyway, kaya nga have told her she must fight! The fact that she is still a student, still learning & still to be monitored. Well, let see what happens. Will keep you posted for the result.

Ingatz always.

Winnie said...

are you asking him for power of attorney for your son's passport?...san sya pinanganak?