Monday, August 4, 2008


I went to visit my OB last Friday to get a depo-povera shot in preparation of my hubby's up coming R&R. I didn't know that it would be very painful as if I was getting a HEPA Vaccine, I'm not afraid of needles or anything and I was used to get a lot of shot as a Nursing student before but this shot is the worst of all. I couldn't even lift my son for 2 days, I suffered from back pain, I keep waking up at and was very weak in the past few days.
The good news is I'm OK now, its better safe than sorry... hehehehe :) so here I am writing this blog just to update you guys. LOLZ


woman said...

Ruby I'm curious what kind of nurse you are? what is your specialty?

woman said...

aw mao bah, nangutana lang ko kay next year e-continue man gyud nako schooling in PI og RN ang akong kuha-on pero wala pa ko kasayod kong unsa ang mas maayo or kong unsa akong specialty {RN}. ha excited lang.