Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Family Child Care

Im a stay at home mom watching 3 kids right now, I have a toddler and an Infant plus I baby sit Manny who is 2 years old for 6 weeks now, his dad said it will only lasts for 2 weeks but I still baby sit him until today, oh well im getting paid real soon so im excited about it.. LOL.. I dont really have an option to work outside of our home since my kids are still very young, My plan is to have a day care in my won home, it is so common here where I am because child care is expensive and the waiting list is CDC is very long, good thing they are offering a free training at CDC to be a Professional Child care Provider and be a Licensed Family Child Care (FCC). I already attended the orientation, they told me that they would provide toys, inspect my house and  everything, how cool is that all I have to do is attend 7 days training for CPR and first aide which I cant do until my mom gets here.

Im glad this house is a bit bigger and we dont have a lot of stuff  so I can have space for my plan to have a day care here..

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