Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monitor your web site


Are you looking for a way to optimize or improve the volume of  traffic to your website from a search engine? then look no more because  SEO Tools will track key stats like backlinks and page indexed on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. It can spot trends easily and very quickly and you can track you page rank anytime you want or how often you want to check reports like daily, weekly or monthly basis. It doesn't really matter when, you can do it at your convenience, It is amazing how technology works these days, with SEO Intelligence you dont have to be an expert to do the job.
For Marketers out there you dont need to pay a search  marketing agency because SEOi will do it for you, SEOi features a competitive tracking report, it can research keywords with ease on multiple platforms and it has a user friendly snapshot dashboard.If you want to improve your web site performance without spending too much then check out SEOi , sign up now for your free trial. It is very simple to use that any web site owner can do it, so if you are looking for a software that will allows you to improve your site performance then SEOi is right for you.


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