Friday, October 23, 2009

On demand


I'm a very busy mom of two boys and I'm babysitting our neighbors son for a while, we stay in the living room most of the time where our TV is mounted on the wall, after they get bored playing with their toys and running around the house chasing each other, they usually sit down and would want to watch their favorite  shows like Spongebob and Mickey Mouse Club house but sometimes its not aired when they want to watch it.. Good thing we have on demand channel where they can watch their kiddie show at any time, I cant even get to watch TV lately because of my busy routine, what I do is I watch my favorite shows on demand before I go to sleep, at least I get to catch up on those missed shows and no one will interrupt me during my me time in front of the TV.

Charter digital offers On demand channel where you can access more than 6000 movies and shows for free.. isn't it convenient to anyone especially if your working and can't watch your favorite show during the day, you can just turn on the tv and press On demand on your remote to watch your show or movies at your own home, for further details learn more at plus get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page.

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