Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Live shows on your PC

As Ive mentioned a couple of times how busy my day is since I gave birth to my son 6 weeks ago plus I have a baby sitting gig, I have to take care of the kids before I can do anything for myself like taking a shower, blogging or watching television. The only time I can watch anything on TV is during night time when my kids are asleep, I even miss watching our own show from where Im from then I heard about where I can turn my PC into a TV, I can watch movies, news, music videos, and more from the US and all over the World. On top of that I can watch my favorite show from the Philippines if I want to, this will be a great deal for me, I only have to pay a one time activation fee to download the software, no monthly bill or anything.. Isn't it cool,  I get to watch Live Filipino show whenever I want to, so I wont be homesick a lot, I cant wait to share this to my husband when he gets off work.
All I really need is Internet connection to access shows around the world , how convenient is that., no monthly bills, over 1,000 channel and easy download... if  ever I will subscribe to Livetv4me we might eliminate our cable connection., so guys you better check for more information.


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