Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In love with a Soldier

I didn't write it but I can't find the link to credit who wrote it!

Loving a soldier is a high price to pay,
loving him truly is hard when he's away.
It's being alone with nothing to hold;
lt's being young, but feeling old;
it's having him whisper his love for you;
it's whispering back that you love him too.
There comes a kiss and a promise for more,
as his plane slowly rises to soar;
reluctantly, painfully, letting him go,
while your insides are dying from wanting him so,
watching him leave with eyes full of tears,
standing alone with your hopes, dreams and fears.
It's sending a letter with the stamp upside down,
to a far away love in a far away town.
It's going to church to kneel and pray,
and really meaning the things that you say.
Being in love will foster your dreams,
of that far away soldier your mind fairly beams.
Days go by, no mail for a spell,
you wait for some word to hear that he's well.
Then a letter arrives, and you've given in,
to open his letter and read it with a grin,
yes, he is well and misses you so,
it's filled with the love you wanted to know.
Weeks are like months, and months are like years,
you wait for the day when you'll have no more fears.
Days go by slowly, how many have passed?
Yes, loving a soldier brings bitterness and fears,
loneliness, sadness and despondent years.
Loving a soldier isn't much fun,
but it's worth the price when the battle is won;
and remember he is thinking of you everyday,
he's sad and he's lonely while so far away;
so love him and miss him and hold your head high,
be strong and have faith, wipe that tear from your eye.
It's the high price you pay for loving a soldier.

♥♥ I am in love with a United States Soldier. I will support him in his defense of the Constitution of the United States of America. And I will understand that he must obey the orders of those appointed over him. I represent the true backbone and fighting spirit of the Army. And for those who have served before me I salute you with all the strength and loyalty my heart can muster. I proudly stand by the one I love with Honor, Courage and Commitment. I am committed to support my soldier and the United States Army..


dhemz said...

oh my, I love this poem...very sentimental and very inspiring.....I am proud to be a military wife as well....:)

na rubz si Akesha nga d man ni kabasa pa...hahahaha...iya mabasahan is "the end" ug alphabets lang man....

na kani pod ako kay nganga man sad ni....samot na nga bisaya ug tagalog akong storya sa iya...tapos si hubby ra ang mag iningles....maong late ni sya maha storya ug au....

woi mao ba..mag 3 na diay na si jaden puhon? dalia ra sa panahon woi....naa tuod ko site nga erecommend for jaden...dire si Akesha nakatuon....

★stillFAB. said...

I have another one na ganito I need to find it. It's something about the ones left behind (us).

Nasa deployment pa ba asawa mo ngayon? Mine just returned early this year.