Tuesday, October 20, 2009

for job seekers and professionals

In today's job market where unemployment rate is high and employers are really looking for a highly qualified applicants, you must have an edge to get notice by your big boss to get promoted or be hired if your a job seeker. I have an uncle that works as a HR manager for a big Corporation which I am not going to mention ,  he advises me to  look my best when going for a job interview because they always consider a well groomed applicants in their hiring process.
It might be true then because according to the recent survey of 500 HR Professionals commissioned by Gillette and conducted by Harris Interactive, signifies that 84 % of HR professional agree that well- groomed employees climb the corporate ladder faster than those who are not well-groom.

For job seekers and professionals  out there check out   Gillette Career Advantage for useful amount of information and tips about how to advance your career in a competitive job market, you can review the expert advice from Mark Jeffries and GQ style correspondent Brett Fahlgren, take the Gillette Career quiz and read thoroughly the Hire Guide to see what HR Professional really think. In addition visit Gillette Resource Center for more information about Gillette Products,  review survey findings and acquire advice from grooming and career experts, like how to stand out among other applicants, dressing and smelling good, keeping up with the style and many more advices on how to get ahead in the job market and be successful in the corporate world.

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