Wednesday, October 21, 2009

search a pet

When we were at my Mother in laws house in South Carolina my son is always playing with their dog named Frankie, when we move here on base every time my son saw our neighbors dog he points it out and call it Frankie, he really wanted to have his own dog  but I don't know where to get one... Good thing I found  adopt a pet online, they have thousands of pets you can choose from like dog and cats that need a loving home, all you have to do is search the pet that you wanted to adopt by typing in your zip code then you can choose any of those wonderful pet. All pets from comes from a reputable shelters all over the country so you are assured of a happy and well loved pet that is ready to find a new home.

I have read somewhere that child who owns a pet will become a responsible individual when they grow up, so if you have been wanting a pet for your kids or to be your companion why not visit - Adopt a cat!  right now to find that perfect and loving pet . By the way don't forget to follow them on twitter or facebook for more information about


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kandi said...

Kdaghan na bas imong paid post rubs! ako mingaw man kaau... mzta na si perry?