Friday, October 23, 2009

web hosting

I am very busy today my son is 1 month old and Im going to bake a cake for him later, aside from that Im babysitting Manny who is running around the house with my eldest son, I cant concentrate right now...
anyways I was so surprised that I was able to grab this opps again for the 3rd time now, oh well I cant complain, I have to to do this before it expires.
It was 8 weeks ago if  I'm  not mistaken  when I bought my own domain from go, before purchasing it of course I was shopping around reading reviews from about the top 10  web hosting trying to decide which one is best for my blog.
At they have an independent review of the best web hosting service providers, affordable professional web hosting and on top of that  they offer 30 day money back guarantee, how cool is that?
If you are looking for a new web hosting service be sure to check out and dont forget to read webhostinggeeks/blog/ for more valuable information. I was very pleased with their service why dont you try hem for yourself.

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