Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The woman behind the ....

I found this on a Military Spouse forum :

THE WOMAN BEHIND THE (inset branch)

She stands in front of you in line at the post office with the big box and the customs form.

She parks next to you at school, her car sporting the latest "Support the Troops" magnet or sticker.

She sits a couple seats down from you in class or at work, but she is too distracted to carry on a real conversation.

She carries herself with poise and elegance.

A grown woman in a young girl's body, she has dealt with more heartbreak than she could ever wish on another human being.

She's the girl with the bloodshot eyes and her cell phone always on.

She is always anticipating his phone call, and when it comes, the first thing she asks is, "How are you doing?"

She is becoming more and more selfless with every passing day, and finds herself thinking about his friends more than her own.

Every night she says a prayer for him, and thanks God for bringing her one day closer to his homecoming.

Every time she hears their song on the radio, her expression goes blank as she fights back the tears.

Sometimes the pressure is too much to handle, and she snaps, usually at the expense of the people closest to her.

The tears flow easily these days, and they seem to have no end.

The stuffed animal he sent her soaks up the tears she cries in his absence as she recounts all the days apart.

Any talk of deployments, extended tours, or re-enlistment makes her stomach tie itself in knots because she can barely handle the time and distance now.

But he will never know any of this.

He got the best training in the world to do his job, and she is expected to be Super Woman with no manual.

She knows that he needs her to be the strong one, and so she is.

Without the pay, benefits, or training, she is supposed to be just like him.

I can really relate to the above post because I experienced everything written on it when my husband was deployed..

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